Foundation Chart Book: Economic History Illustrated
321-Page File Now on Downloadable (PDF)

The Foundation Chartbook is now offered available for the first time.
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(EHI95) - Proprietary Data not Available from any other Source.

For the first time in graphic form, using the Foundation for the Study of Cycles’ newly developed sector database, the history of the stock market is now available in a single volume.

  • More than 80 sectors many beginning in 1871 are illustrated. More than 300 pages of charts covering the stock market including major sectors, major sub-sectors and industry groups. Each sector is plotted monthly in logs and in raw data.

  • The last 25 years (up to 1995) of each series is plotted separately for clear up-to-date reference. Includes an essay that tells the story of when and who started the stock market and the developments that shaped its history as well as its current form.

  • All series are graphed in raw data and logs for easy comparisons.

  • Each extra- large chart has an area of more than 9” x 13.”

  • Originally published in 1995. We are shipping the CDROM version now. All charts may be viewed on computer or printed out for easy reference. **Revised hard copy updated republishes in 2007-08 (shipped separately but now included in price).

  • Sample Charts from the Foundation Chart Book


    Computer ASCII Data Series

    Proprietary continuing series of Foundation log-term data recorded on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. ASCII format. These series are not easily or generally available anywhere else. An asterisk indicates that an average has been taken.  Each data series is available separately for a flat rate of $35 per series. Please email any custom packaged requests to:

    DAT1 - Commodity Prices

    Cattle  1749 to date, monthly*  
     1923 to date, monthly 
     1797 to date, monthly* 
     1784 to date, monthly* 
     1720 to date, monthly 
     1732 to date, monthly  
     1560 to date, yearly*  _____, 1969 to date, monthly ______
    Gold, purchasing power of
     1560 to date, yearly  
    Heating Oil
     1938 to date, monthly 
     1749 to date, monthly*  
    1890 to date, monthly* 
     1938 to date, monthly  
    Pork Bellies
    1969 to date, monthly 
    1273 to date, yearly ____1874 to date, monthly*____
    Silver, purchasing power of
     1560 to date, yearly 
    1924 to date, monthly 
    Soybean Meal
     1945 to date, monthly 
    1748 to date, monthly*   
    1259 to date, yearly  ____,  1720 to date, monthly  ____

    DAT2 - Stock Prices

    Stock Prices (British & American combined)
    1695 to date, yearly 

    U.S. Stock Prices
    1789 to date, monthly H-L-C  
    1789 to date, monthly*  
    1897 to date, weekly*  

    U.S. Stocks, adjusted for inflation
    1789 to date, yearly  

    Dow Jones Industrial Average (Close only)
    1915 to date, monthly 
    1915 to date, weekly 
    1915 to date, daily 
    (per 20 years), daily  

    Dow Jones Industrial Average (High-Low-Close)
    1885 to date, monthly 
    1915 to date, weekly 
    1915 to date, daily 
    (per 20 years), daily  

    Dow Jones Bond Average
    1915 to date, daily 

    New York Stock Exchange Volume
    1915 to date, daily 

    S&P 500
    1928 to date, monthly 
    1928 to date, weekly 
    1928 to date, daily 

    DAT3 - Interest Rates

    Corporate Bond Yields, AAA
    1919 to date, monthly 

    British Consols
    1727 to date, yearly 
    1753 to date, monthly  

    Municipal Bonds
    1919 to date, monthly 

    Interest Rates, U.S.
    1831 to date, monthly*  

    Bonds, High Grade, Long Term
    1727 to date, yearly  
    1753 to date, monthly

    Call Money Rates
    1857 to date, monthly* 

    Commercial Paper
    1831 to date, monthly*

    U.S. Treasury Bills
    1934 to date, monthly 

    U.S. Treasury Bonds
    1919 to date, monthly  

    DAT4 - Real Estate

    Housing Starts
    1946 to date, monthly 

    Real Estate Activity
    1925 to date, yearly 

    Real Estate Value
    1946 to date, quarterly  

    DAT5 - Economic Indexes / Statistics

    Business Failures, Liabilities
    1857 to date, yearly  

    Commodity Price Index
    1497 to date, yearly 

    Consumer Price Index (CPI)
    1800 to date, yearly 
    1913 to date, monthly  

    Incorporations, Number of
    1916 to date, yearly

    1926 to date, yearly 

    Gross National Product
    1869 to date, yearly 
    1946 to date, quarterly 

    Industrial Production
    1860 to date, yearly 
    1913 to date, monthly

    Money Supply (M2)
    1948 to date, monthly 

    Patents, New
    1790 to date, yearly 

    Producer (Wholesale) Price Index (PPI)
    1720 to date, yearly
    1913 to date, monthly

    Retail Sales
    1929 to date, yearly 
    1947 to date, monthly 

    1948 to date, monthly 

    Work Week, Average
    1945 to date 

    DAT6 - Geophysical Data

    Earthquakes in China
    87 to 1881, yearly 

    Floods, Nile River
    622 to 1962, yearly 

    Geomagnetic Indices
    1868 to date, daily 

    Lake Levels, Great Lakes
    1860 to date, monthly 

    Master Clock
    1900 to 2000, daily 

    Precipitation, U.S.
    1895 to date, monthly 

    Solar Flux
    1948 to date, monthly 

    Sunspot Numbers
    1749 to date, monthly*  

    Temperature, U.S.
    1895 to date, monthly 

    Varves, Lake Saki
    2295 BC-1884, yearly 

    DAT7 - Social Indexes / Statistics

    Population, U.S.
    1790 to date, yearly 

    Tchjevsky's Index of Mass Excitability
    500 BC to 1922, yearly 

    Wheeler's Index of International and Civil War Battles
    600 BC to date, yearly 

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