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1990 V41_1 Feb


5     A Biological Stock Market Rhythm Theory.
New highs and new lows, and their stock market signatures. By Karl Moch.

10     On the Road to Chaos.
A new theory is applied to market analysis. By Martin A. Armstrong.

14     Relationship of the El Nino Cycle to Droughts in the U.S. Corn Belt.
The anatomy of a drought. By Louis M. Thompson.

17     Cycles in War and Peace.
What's ahead in the next two decades. By Richard Mogey.

21     Cycle Projections in Gold and Silver, Bonds and Interest Rates,
and Stocks. By Richard Mogey.

25     A Review of Research on the War Index.
By Edward R Dewey. Excerpted from Cycles, November 1966.

29     1990 Annual Conference: Cycle Synchronies..

31     Annual Members Survey.

33     The Sunspot Cycle and the Florida Citrus Freeze, Heating Oil
Prices, and QBO.
Is there any relationship? By Charles Notis and James Roemer.

35     Cycle View of the Weather for March and April.
By Frank Socey.


4      Director's Letter: Time and Time Again.
38    Focus on Cycles: The 17.7-year Cycle.
42    Cycles in History The 17.7year Cycle
44    Editorial Guidelines for Cycles .
45    Data Update: The "New Decade" Recession Effect.
48    The Bookshelf: Time, the Familiar Stranger; Timetables of History.
50    Foundation Extracts: The Current Business Cycle; Verve Cycles.
52    The Marketplace: Cycle Analysts Review.
56    The Forum

1990 V41_2 March-April


65     Solar and Lunar Cycles Embedded in the El Niņo Periodicities.
An in-depth look at the relationship between the Sun and El Nino. Reprinted from
Proceedings of the 1990 Annual Conference.
By Rhodes W. Fairbridge.

74     Chaos and Cycles.
The second in a series of articles on chaos and the markets.
By Martin A. Armstrong.

76     18.6-year and 19-year Periods in Southern California and the
Upland Earthquake. Update of a major earthquake cycle, in light of recent events.
By Martin Kokus.

80     The Outlook for Agricultural: Soybeans, Corn, and Wheat.
What's ahead on the farms for 1990? By Richard Mogey.

85     Cycle Projections in Silver and Gold, Interest Rates, and Bonds.
By Richard Mogey.

90     The 6-Year Cycle.
By Edward R Dewey. Reprinted from Cycles, December 1950.

104     Cycle View of the Weather for May and June.
By Frank Socey.


64        Director's Letter:
98        Focus on Cycles: The 6-year Cycle.
102     Cycles in History: The 6-year Cycle.
106     Data Update
108     Computer Data Series: Complete listing of new data.
110     The Bookshelf: lime Cycles; From Clocks to Chaos; Cycles: Now
            Through 2010.
113    Foundation Extracts: The Current Business Cycle; The Biennial and
            Triennial Cycles.
116    The Forum

1990 V41_3 May-June


125     Chaos and Cycles, Part 3.
The third in a series of articles on chaos and the markets.
By Martin A. Armstrong.

128     Relationship Between Rainfall in the Northern Hemisphere and
Impulses of the Torque in the Sun's Motion.
New findings in sun-weather relationships. By Theodor Landscheidt.

134     Review of Some Recent Anomalous Gravity Experiments.
A review of experiments in possible fifth and sixth forces. By John Bagby.

140     Cycles in Short-term Interest Rates.
A review of the short end of the yield curve. By Keith McCullough.

143     The Outlook for Live Hogs.
A new analysis of the cycles in hog prices. By Richard Mogey.

146     Cycle Projections in Silver, Stocks, and Bonds.
By Richard Mogey.

151     Economic and Sociological Phenomena Related to Solar Activity
and Influences. By Edward R Dewey. Reprinted from Cycles, September 1968.

168     Cycle View of the Weather for July and August.
By Frank Socey.


124     Director's Letter: "Get wisdom, and with all the getting, get
163     Cycles in History: The 22-year Cycle.
165     Data Update: Sequences in the Inflation Cycle.
170     The Bookshelf: Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle; Cycles; Seasonal Futures
173     Foundation Extracts: The Current Business Cycle; Astronomical
            Cycles and the Earth's Climate.
176     The Forum

1990 V41_4 July-August


185     Forest Fire Cycles.
Cycles in forest fires compared with cycles in solar activity, earth rotation, and other climatic cycles. By Melinda S. Stumpf and Martin S. Kokus.

187     Forecasting with Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis with Linear Prediction.
Practical application of maximum entry spectral analysis as a forecasting tool. By
Anthony F. Herbst.

191     The American History Cycle and the Stock Market.
The political cycle works with the stock market cycle to form a larger socioeconomic cycle. By Albert W. Potts, Jr.

194     Cyclical Trends in Interest Rates.
World interest rates have been fluctuating in an observable pattern for centuries.
By Martin A. Armstrong.

197     New Models in Cycle Analysis.
Alternatives to the standard sinusoidal model for the examination of cycles. By
Richard Mogey.

201     Cycle Projections in Stock Indices, Interest Rates and Bonds, and
Gold. By Richard Mogey.

205     1990-1991 Publications Catalog.
Completely revised catalog, with new titles and new data series.

217     Seasonal Architecture.
By Cleta Olmstead Boughton. Reprinted from Journal of Hunum Ecology, 1953.

228     Cycle View of the Weather for September and October.
By Frank Socey.


184     Director's Letter: A New Cycle.
223     Cycles in History The 9-year Cycle.
225     Data Update: Is the Economic Cycle Symmetrical?
230     The Bookshelf Power Cycles; Seasonal Patterns in Business and
            Everyday Life; Cycles of Fire; Mastering Elliott Wave; Acres USA.
            Desk Reference.
233     Foundation Extracts: The Current Business Cycle; Fluctuations in
            Manage and Divorce Frequencies in Relation to the Month of
236     The Forum

1990 V41_5 Sep-Oct


245     A New Method of Forecasting Trend Change.
A new timing tool used to forecast stock and commodity market trend change dates.
By S. Kris Kaufman.
249     The Solar Cycle and Planetary Periods.
New findings in the relationship between the solar cycle and planetary periods. By
Martin Kokus.

252     Postscript: Anomalous Gravity Experiments.
Update and new research in anomalous gravity. By John P. Bagby.

256     Using Cycles in Trading.
Basic rules for trading with cycles show one practical way that cycles can be successfully applied. By Richard Mogey.

262     Cycle Projections in Stocks, Bonds, Gold, and Crude Oil.
By Richard Mogey.

265     Wheeler's Climate Curve and War.
The link between climate and war, plus war charts from Wheeler's unpublished
manuscript. By Diane Epperson.

288     An Early Freeze For the Corn Belt?
The historical record foretells growing conditions for the rest of this par. By James Roemer and Craig Solberg.

290     Cycle View of the Weather for November and December.
By Frank Socey.


244     Director's Letter. The Two-fold Natute of Cycles.
283     Cycles in History. The 3.3-year Cycle.
285     Data Update. '13tree More Measures of Producer Prices.
292     Foundation Extracts. The Current Business Cycle; Some
            Manifestations of Cyclic Fluctuations of the Climate of the Northern
295     The Bookshelf. "Form and Number" category; Biological Rhythms in
            Human and Animal Physiology.
297     The Forum

1990 V41_6 Nov-Dec


305     Cyclical Astronomical "Super tides" - A Coastal-flooding Caveat.
On December 2,1990, a statistically high potential exists for tidal flooding along
lowland portions of the East and West coasts. By Fergus J. Wood

316     Cosmology and Cycles.
Some alternative theories to the "big bang" theory predict cycles in gravity and
geomagnetism equal to orbital periods in the solar system. By Martin Kokus.

321     Solar and Lunar Cycles in Earthquakes: An Electrostatic Trigger.
Evidence is strongly in favor of an electrostatic trigger for earthquakes. By Richard Pasichynk.

329     The Power of Oscillator/Cycle Combinations in T-Bonds.
How to combine oscillators and cycle analysis to improve market timing. By Walter

333     Cycle Projections in Stocks, Bonds, and Gold.
By Richard Mogey.

337     Using Cycles in Trading, Part Two.
The nature of cycles and how to represent, use, and monitor them. More basic rules
for trading with cycles. By Richard Mogey.

340     Cycle View of the Weather for January and February.
By Frank Socey.


304     Director's Letter. A Hopeful Year-end Message
343     Data Update. Another Look at the Inventory Cycle.
346     The Bookshelf. How to Make a Cycle Analysis.
348     Foundation Extracts. Crude Oil Rate of Change; Climatic Cycles
            During the Last 35,000 Years.
351     The Forum
354     Index to Volume 41,1990


1991 V42_1 Jan-Feb


5     Field Analysis In History and Economics.
A philosophical look at the "art" of contextual thinking in cycle analysis. By P.Q.

8     An In-depth Outlook for Gold.
The long- and short-term cycles in gold, and the outlook for 1991. By Martin

14     A Lunar Chaos Theory.
A new theory of chaotic behavior in the moon's orbit, and its influence on cycles in
stocks and commodities. By Hans Hannula.

19     Solar Cycle Update.
Update on current research in solar cycles and related phenomena, including new
correlations involving sunspots, neutrino flux, and solar oscillations. By Martin

22     Sunspots and Birth Defects.
Evidence for a new kind of cosmic connection that suggests a link between human
beings and their celestial environment. By Richard Nolle.

26     The 432-year Super inflation Cycle.
About every 432 years, a massive super inflation occurs in which price levels
quadruple, or more. By Al Owen.


33     The Cyclic Outlook for 1991.
The outlook for peace and for several important areas of the economy. 9. Richard

42     The 500-year Cycle in Music.
The history of music in f i n cycles dating from ancient times, and which parallel
Wheeler's climate/cultural cycles. By Wamn Dwight Allen.

54     Cycle Mew of the Weather for March and April.
By Frank Socey.


4       Director's Letter. It feels good to be 50!
50     Data Update. Financial Crises and the Business Cycle.
56     The Bookshelf. The Power of Oscillator Cycle Combinations;
         Generating Economic Cycles; After the Crash of Suburbia.
58     The Forum

1991 V42_4 July-Aug


185     Cycles of Political and Economic Change.
Man's cycle of political change is directly linked to the cycle of monetary crisis.
By Martin Among .
189     Volcanic Cycles and Climate.
Volcanic activity as a whole can be predicted with sufficient accuracy using cycles to bracket the climatic and agricultural future. By Mmin Kokur.

196     El Niņo and the Grain Belt.
The cyclical nature of El Niņo's points toward a drier summer ahead.
By James Roemer.

199     The Mystery of the "Forecast of an Earlier Generation".
Through the years, Samuel Benner's original forecast chart has been copied, altered, revised, and reprinted without due credit to the author. By Richard Mogey

203     Cycle Projections in Interest Rates, Stocks, and the Metals. By Richard Mogey.

208     The Phase Method of Analyzing Economic Cycles.
A phase model can analyze a cycle of non-fixed length and amplitude, and track its
motion in "phase space." By Christopher Cagan

221     A Projection to the Year 2000 of Eleven Stock Price Cycles. By E.R Dewey.

224     How Cultures Grow -"Contemporary" Political Epochs in Four
Cultures (chart). By Oswald Spengler.


184     From the Director. . . The Old Armchair
215     Market Cycles Review. A Forecast Summary of Selected Market
226     Data Update. Cycle Analysis Requires More Than Just Picking
            Turning Points.
230     Cycle View of the Weather. September and October.
232     The Bookshelf. The WD. Gann Trading Seminar.
234     The Forum. Geophysical events of early 1991; Use of sunspots to
            forecast weather; Lunar cycles and the Sierra Madre (California)
            earthquake of June 28, 1991; The Jose Cycle in polarity changes of
            sunspots; Seismic forecasting using heliocentric midpoints.

1991 V42_6 Nov-Dec


307     U.S. Election Cycles Updated.
A number of cycles, from 12 to 154 years, seem to exist in U.S. election results. Here the author assesses the outcome of his 1979 projections. 4, Gary Manin

310     Solar Cycles and American History.
Embodied in the recent history of the United States is a cycle of 22.2 years, in which 11.1 years of more or less calm are followed by 11.1 years of relative turbulence. By, Roben T. Wood

314     Cyclic Trends in Interest Rates.
The current decline in rates merely reflects excess short-term capital, not a solid
long-term trend. By, Manin Armstrong.

316     The Solar-Terrestrial Linkage in Climate and War.
PART 11: War. Solar activity, geomagnetic storms, and climate are correlated with
war and civil unrest. By, Richard Pasichnyk

323     Cycle Projections in the Kondratieff Wave, Stocks, Interest Rates,
and Gold. By Richard Mogey

332     The 54-year Rhythm in Tree Rings.
Dewey's early research into the 54-year cycle in the environment as a possible cause of economic cycles. By Edward R Dewey.


304    From the Director.. . Only time will tell.
305    The World of Cycles. Review of cycles developing in the world today.
335    Market Cycles Review. A forecast summary of selected market
341    Cycle View of the Weather. January and February.
343    Data Update. Watch the Inventory Cycle.
346    The Bookshelf. Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets; El Niņo, La
            Niņa, and the Southern Oscillation.
348    The Forum. In defense of neural networks; Niemira's reply; Additional
            micro pulsations in earthquake incidence; How do planetary positions
            affect the stock market?
353    Index to Volume 42,1991.


1992 V43_1 Jan-Feb


7     Outlook for the U.S. Stock Market.
Does history repeat itself? The current market situation is nothing like that of 1929. By Manin Amstrong

11     Cycle Analyses of East Coast Earthquakes Reveal Existing and
"New" Planets in the Solar System.
Evidence for celestial causes of and/or resonance with the Kondratieff Wave and
several other periods. By John Bagby

20     The Cyclic Outlook for 1992.
Cycles in agriculture, stocks, interest rates, the economy, and climate all are
projected for potential turns in 1992.9, Richard Mogey.

26     Cycles in Crude Oil.
Expect downward prices in crude oil until the 40-month cycle bottoms in 1992.9,
Richard Mogey.

29     1992 Annual Conference: Cycles at the C r o s s d .
Climate, the long wave, and the economy in the 1990s-an in-depth look at the
important issues of our day.

38     Stock Prices and Space.
Early research into the possible correlations between stock price movements and
planetary alignments. By Edward R Dewey.

41     Stock Prices, Mercury, and Space.
Continuing research into correlations between stock prices and alignments of
Mercury. By Edward R Dewey. -


      From the Director.. .At the Crossroads of Change.
      The World of Cycles. Review of cycles developing in the world today.
33     Market Cycles Review. A forecast summary of selected market
51     Cycle View of the Weather. March and April.
53     Data Update. Data Revisions and the Business Cycle Analyst.
56     The Bookshelf. A Financial History of Western Europe; Manias,
         Panics, and Crashes; Futures and Options Fact Book.
58     The Forum.

1992 V43_4 July-Aug


187     Long-term Cycles in Heating Degree Daps: The Impact on
Demand for Natural Gas. Have today's winters become significantly milder? A long-term look at national climate patterns. By John C. Cochazer.

191     Phase Method Analysis of Cycles in Real Estate Prices.
The outlook for real estate in the early '905, as indicated by the phase method. By
Christopher L. Cagan.

195     The "B1mutn Stock Top of 1993: Megacycles and the US.
Election With twelve cycles topping at once, 1992 will continue to see an emotional
market and element. By Grant D. Noble.

200     Cycle Projections in Stocks, Bonds, the U.S. Dollar, and
Cycle Inversions. By Richard Mogey.

205     1992-1993 Publications Catalog.
Completely revised catalog of publications available from the Foundation.


184     From the Director. This the season for change. . .
185     The World of Cycles. Review of cycles developing in the world today.
219     Market Cycles Review. Forecast summary of selected market analysts.
225     Data Update. A Newly Created Monthly Production Inc.
228     Cycle View of the Weather. September and October
230     The Bookshelf. Money and Exchange in Europe and America,
            1600-1775; the Timing, Nature, and Came of the Business Cycle.
232     The Forum. Planetary cycles, war, temperature, and the stock

1992 V43_5 Sep-Oct


246     Global Warming: New Crisis or Old Cycle?.
Current global circulation models that forecast increasing temperatures
underestimate solar-terrestrial effects and overstate manmade influences.
By Byan J. Walsh.

253     The Cycle of Political Change.
The U.S. political scene should see only minor change in 1992, with a
major change coming in 1994. Gold and many commodities will begin a
new bull market phase following the first quarter of 1993. By Martin A.

256     Computerized Digital Filters.
Perhaps we should reevaluate the moving average in terms of more
precise computerized digital filters. By John W. Sullivan.

260     Time For a New Cycle Model?
The sine-wave model long favored by cycle analysts is not always the
best way to picture cycles. By Richard Mogey.

272     The Case For Cycles.
Classic discussion of the internal and external evidence of cycle
significance, and their possible causes. By Edward R. Dewey


244     From the Director. Cycles in the real world. . .
266     Market Cycles Review. Forecast summary of selected market analysts.
287     Data Update. Cycles in Motor Vehicle Sales.
290     Cycle View of the Weather. November and December
292     The Bookshelf. Biological Anomalies: Humans: The Scientific:
            Basis of Astrology; Life Cycles, Money Cycles.
294     The Forum. Cycles of 12 and 72yeam in U.S. presidential politics;
            The 60-year triad cycle of depressions; More new moon events: The
            cycle of 19, a cycle of time.


1993 V44_1 Jan-Feb


    Is the World Inherently Wild?.
Behind the manifestation of historical/econornic events is a great wheel
of contraries of motive. By P.Q. Wall.

13     Forecasting Geo active Solar Activity For Human Biological
Read ions. The application of geo active solar activity forecasting to prevent
industrial and traffic accidents. By Imre Ormkyi.

20     Lindsay's Cultural Cycles.
George Lindsay's method of predicting major political and social
events. By Bill Meridian.

24     Postscript: Anomalous Gravity Cycles.
Additional analysis of standing gravity waves. By John P. Bagby.

29     1993 Annual Conference.
Agenda and registration information for the Foundation's Annual
Conference, April 17-18,1993.

33     The Cyclic Outlook for 1993.
Inter-market analysis uses cycles and leading indicators to project
changes in individual markets. By Richard Mogey.

40     Prediction of Civil Violence to the Year 2001.
Civil conflict correlates cyclically with political regime and economic
wealth. By N. Alcock and J. Quittner.


      From the Director. Introducing a New Feature. . .
5       Economic Review.
32     The Bookshelf. Taming the Future; The Sun, the Moon, and the Silver Market.
47     Market Cycles Review. Forecast summary of selected market analysts.
53     Cycle View of the Weather. March and April.
55     The Forum. Link between California earthquakes and solar activity;
         The 3- to 4-year business cycle; 60-year cycle in interest rates; The
         Seattle drought of 1992.

1993 V44_2 May


71     Impact of Global Warming and Cooling on U.S. Corn
Production The influence of global warming and cooling on the El Niņo cycle and
the 20-year cycle. By Louis M. Thompson.

76     Economic Cycles and Changes in the Earth's Geomagnetic
Field. Changes in the earth's geomagnetic field seem to modulate a variety of
economic and financial activities. By Bryan Walsh.

81     Cosmic Conditions During Catastrophic Earthquakes of the
Twentieth Century. The most lethal earthquakes tend to be the least random and occur
during specific geo cosmic conditions. By Gurgen P. Tamrazyan.

86     Living With the Business Cycle.
The business cycle must move through its downturns to correct the
inefficiencies of the earlier period, so a stronger economy can arise. By
Martin A. Armstrong.

96     The Cycles of Inflation.
Few series measure inflation directly, so the Foundation uses a
combination of dominant cycles. By Richard Mogey.

89     Commodity Prices: A Key.
Chapin Hoskins' classic treatise. By Chapin Hoskins.

109     Marechal's Stock Market Forecast of 1933.
A forecast chart prepared in 1933 by George Marechal shows that
economic fluctuations can be partially predicted. By Edward R. Dewey.


64       From the Director. The Ups and Downs of the Cycle. . .
65       Economic Review.
69       Cycle Projections.
75       Geophysical Data Roundup.
103     Market Cycles Review. Forecast summary of selected market analysts.
112     Cycle View of the Weather. July and August
114     The Bookshelf. The Pulse of Politics.
116     The Forum. The Saturn Jupiter lap cycle in stocks; The 60-year cycle in rainfall; The predictions of Bury Lynes; Results of the 1992 geophysical forecast                   calendar;  The 40-year cycle in the stock market.

1993 V44_3 September


131     Preliminary Winter Forecast.
Preliminary conclusions based on criteria similar to those used for
analog years in last fall's forecast. By Jim Roemer.

135     Winter Forecast Based on Sunspots and Pacific Ocean
Temperature Anomalies. Detailed study of sunspots and analysis of Pacific Ocean sea surface temperatures, as used in forecasting winter weather. By Jim Roemer.

140     Large Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes in Pace With the
Chandler Wobble. The Chandler beat period of about 6.2 years seems to influence seismic activity. By Giran Windelius.

145     Seasonality in Television Viewing.
A new mathematical model reveals a 167-month cycle in video
innovation. By George A. Barneft, Sungho Cho, and Young Chui.

150     The Future of Gold.
Gold's historic role as both a commodity and a monetary unit poses
problems for the cycle analyst. The future of gold is examined in light of
three potential scenarios. By Richard Mogey.

158     Cycles in Silver and Gold.
A classic study by a world authority on the business cycle, the stock
market, and gold in relation to planetary cycles. By David Williams.


124     From the Director. A New Home For the Foundation . . .
125     Economic Review. Business cycle developments and the leading
            indicators. Special report: "Measuring the Japanese Business Cycle," by
            Michael Niemira.
129     Cycle Projections. Dow Jones Industrials, bonds, gold, and the CRB.
144     Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
166    Market Cycles Review. Forecast summary of selected market
171     Cycle View of the Weather. November and December.
            The Bookshelf. Weather Cycles: Real or Imaginary ?; History  Ci War;
            Financial Analysis of Real Estate Investments; The Cause and Control
            of the Business Cycle.
175     The Forum. New cycles group formed on the West Coast;
            Modulations, sideband periods, and array analysis; Cyclic
            perturbations found in the human heart's "normal" pulse; The
            144 million-year cycle of major glaciations.


1994 V44_4 Jan-Feb


191     How Cycles Function.
Cyclical wave motion is the method through which all things are
perpetuated, by providing a means for energy to be transferred from
one region to another. By Martin A. Armstrong.

194     Cycles of Enhanced Seismic Activity in California.
Potential earthquake precursor indicators are evaluated in an attempt
to identify future periods of enhanced seism city in California. By
Brynn J. Walsh.

200     Cycles in Interest Rates.
The history of interest rates is a tale of usury, monetary crises, inflation,
debt, and the purchasing power of the dollar. By Richard Mogey.

205     1993-94 Publications Catalog.
Updated catalog of publications available from the Foundation.

227     Historical Survey of Interest Rates.
Classic review of the history of interest rates since the eighteenth
century. By Zhid Williams.


184     From the Director. Of Snau, Ice, and Time. . .
185     Economic Review. Business cycle developments and the leading indicators. Special report: 'The 16-month Apparel Cycle," by Michael Niemira.
189     Cycle Projections. Dow Jones Industrials, bonds, gold, and the CRB.
193     Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
220     Market Cycles Review. Forecast summary of selected market analysts.
234     Cycle View of the Weather. March and April.
236     The Forum. Hally's comet linked to weather cycles?

1994 V44_5 March-April


252     Proposed Mathematical Basis For the Elliott Wave.
Mathematical model that combines sine waves suggests a possible
revision of the Elliott Wave count. By Ric Ingram.

255     Social Dynamics and the Investment Cycle.
The only manageable way to understand human economic behavior is
to study people in groups and search for reliable societal patterns over
time. By Norm Poirk.

261     Global Winter Wheat Prognosis.
New analog studies suggest cool spring weather, with its impact on
winter wheat. By Michael Speltz.

265     The Great Law of the Universe.
A revolutionary view of the nature of the world that challenges
traditional scientific thinking. By Irving I. Dardik.

278     The 40-month Cycle Synchrony.
The 40-month cycle comprises a family of related cycles that are found
in physical, biological, and economic series. By Richard Mogey.

251     Gertrude Shirk.
A sad farewell to the Foundation's vice president, former research
director, and one of the foremost cycle analysts in the world. By Richard


244     From the Director. The Great Law of the Universe. . .
245     Economic Review. Business cycle developments and the leading
            indicators. Special report: "The 'New' Unseen Economic Cycle," by
            Michael Niernira.
249     Cycle Projections. Dow Jones Industrials, bonds, gold, and the CRB.
254     Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
286     Market Cycles Review. Forecast summary of selected market analysts.
293     Cycle View of the Weather. May.
294     The Forum. Imminent events caused by the Chandler Wobble and the
            31-year lunar cycle; The 30-year cycle in real stock market returns; The 88-day
            cycle in gold prices.

1994 V44_6 May-June


311     Cosmological Coincidences.
Relationships between dimensionless numbers, electromagnetism,
gravity, and astronomical red shifts not yet explained by current
physical laws. By Martin Koktrs.

316     The 20-year Drought Cycle.
A 20-year periodicity seems to be present in major dry spells in the
Corn Belt. By Craig Solberg.

319     Cycles in American Political History.
Fluctuations in the relative proportions of liberals and conservatives in
the U.S. Congress reveal long-term tidal cycles. By John B. Bradshaw.

327     The CRB Index, Soybeans, and Inflation.
Soybeans are a strong leading indicator for both inflation and interest
rates. By Stephen Bush.

334     Cycles in Interest Rates.
The definitive study by one of the Foundation's foremost experts. By
Gertrude Shirk.


304     From the Director. The 1994 Annual Conference. . .
305     Economic Review. Business cycle developments and the leading
            indicators. Special report: Has the U.S. Dollar Crisis Run its Course?
            by Michael Niemira.
309     Cycle Projections. Dow Jones Industrials, bonds, gold, and the CRB.
315     Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
341     Editorial Guidelines for Cycles Magazine
342     Market Cycles Review. Forecast summary of selected market analysts.
349     Cycle View of the Weather. September.
351     The Forum. The Northridge quake; the Little Ice Age; The throbbing
353     Index to Volume 44,1993

1994 V45_1 Nov


8     Confronting the Unthinkable: The Concentration of Major
Cycles in the 1990s. Many cycles will reach their low points in the 1990 something that has not happened since about 1500. By Willimn Houston.

17     Planetary Cycles, Iowa Tree Rings, and Cycles in Corn Prices.
The two dominant cycles in Iowa tree rings appear to fall into phase in
1995, which portends poor growing conditions in Iowa in the next few
years. By Kermit Johnson.

21     Drought Cycles in 1995.
The combination of major cycle peaks expected in 1995 has not occurred
in at least 300 years and warns of a major drought. By Lawrence L. Acker.

26     Outlook For the Winter of 1995.
The winter outlook for the major energy-consuming regions of the
Midwest and Northeast United States. By Craig Solberg.


2       From the Director. Exciting New Publication from the Foundation . . .
3       Economic Review. Business cycle developments and the leading indicators.
6       Cycle Projections. Dow Jones Industrials, bonds, gold, and the CRB.
16     The Bookshelf. The Great Boom Ahead; Meltdown: The Great '90s
            Depression and Hour to Come Through It a Winner.
27     Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
28     Cycle View of the Weather. December.
29     The Forum. Consequences of the new Little Ice Age


1995 V45_2 Feb


35  Long Cycles and Growth.
In order to explain the long cycle, we must relate the Schumpeterian
view of innovations and the Arthur Lewis view of relative-price
phenomena. By W.W. Rostow.

43  When the Sun Goes Backward.
An unusual solar event of the early 1990s is producing climatic
extremes for the rest of the decade. By James H. Shirley.

49  The Law of Waves.
The Law of Waves is a single, non-mathematical organizing principle of
nature that describes how and why the universe behaves the way it
does. By Irving I. Dardik.


34  From the Director. Something Old, Something New
42  Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
61  The Forum. Correlation of the 60-year interest-rate cycle with stocks,
      inflation, and the economy; Trees predict the next Little Ice Age; Analysis of
     Japanese earthquakes; Mayan convergence and the stock market; The January

1995 V45_3 May


67  Growth Is Cyclic.
The relative rate of growth declines more or less regularly with time.
By John Loy.

69  Growth Curves.
Growth occurs in a regular pattern that can be described with concise
mathematical formulas called growth curves. By John Loy.

77  Triggering of Southern California and Japanese Earthquakes,
Several periodic terms found in Japanese and Southern California
earthquakes are nearly identical, which implies a "far away" source.
By John Bagby.

83  The Southern Oscillation Index and the 1995 Growing Season.
Analog year studies support the outlook of a cool, wet spring in the
Corn Belt. By Craig Solberg.


66  From the Director. Some Thoughts on Cycles . . .
82  Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
86  Market Cycles Review. Forecast summary of selected market analysts.
92  Cycle View of the Weather. June and July.
94  The Forum. Researcher's query: The ratio 1.23; Increased seismicity ahead
      for Southern California.

1995 V45_4 June-July


99  The Dollar Crisis or the Yen/Deutsche Mark Crisis?
While currency traders joke about the "dollar" 'crisis, the real crisis is
taking place in Japan and Germany as their economies continue to
implode. By Martin Armstrong.

102  Cosmic Cycle Analysis: A New Tool For the Prediction of
Market Movements.
Variation in solar radiation, which affects not only weather and climate
but also man's social and economic activity, is based on a set of
solar-terrestrial cycles that can be used to make dependable predictions.
By Theodor Landscheidt.

121  Fluctuations in Coffee Prices.
The recent cyclical pattern of higher coffee prices every 2-6 years,
combined with other global factors, indicates a freeze in Brazil sooner
rather than later. By Jim Roemer.


98    From the Director. Some Thoughts on Cycles
117  Geophysical Data Roundup. sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
118  Market Cycles Review. Forecast summary of selected market analysts.
123  Cycle View of the Weather. August and September.
125  The Forum. Commodities on the solar retrograde cycle; Sunspot peaks and international battles; East coast, Southern California, and Japanese
         earthquakes; Solar retrograde motion update.

1995 V45_5 Nov


131  Winter Forecast for the Midwest and Northeast.
The study of analog years suggests a mild winter ahead. By Jim Roemer.

137  Astroseismology and Order Versus Chaotic Vibration.
Magnitude variations of variable stars are "ordered" and relate to
values found in terrestrial phenomena. By John P. Bagby.

140  Fetal Growth in Periods of Extreme Solar Activity.
Increased birth weight and length of infants born during solar
maximums suggests a correlation between solar activity and fetal
growth. By P. Merlob, S.H. Reisner, M. Shimshoni, and E. Stoupel.

146  Sunspot Number Changes During Planetary Alignments.
Most increases in sunspot number are linked to heliocentric planetary
conjunctions, making prediction of solar activity possible. By Buy1

149  Intermarket Cycle Analysis: The 40-month Cycle Synchrony
and Sequence. How to use the 40-month sequence as a tool to recognize trend changes
in the market. By Richard Mogey.


130  From the Director. A Call For Papers: "The Great Law of the Universe" . .
136  Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels. New!
154  Beginner's Comer. The basics of cycle analysis.
155  Glossary of Cycle Analysis Terms.
160  The Forum. Lunar distance and earthquakes
160  The Bookshelf. Seasonal Trader's Bible; Cycles in Humans and Nature.


1996 V45_6 May


163     Dewey's Accurate Equity Indicator.
An astronomic indicator developed by Dewey proves to be an accurate
lagging market indicator. By Bill Meridian.

166     Short-term Price Progression Explained by a Third Dimension.
An alternative to the classical price-time chart uses weighted time to
more accurately depict short-term trend. By Dm Harlap.

169     Some Rhythmic Cycles in Natural Phenomena.
All of nature is subject to a complex series of rhythms, some of which
repeat in a variety of apparently unrelated phenomena, from animal
abundance to sunspots. By Edward R. Dewey and Edzuin F. Dakin.

178     Moon Phases and Ultraviolet Radiation During a Solar Cycle.
Global ultraviolet radiation measurements show correlation with phases of the 11-year solar cycle and with phases of the moon. By Imre Ormenyi


162     From the Director. The 1996 Annual Convention . . .
176     Cycle View of the Weather. Summer Outlook.
182     Beginner's Comer. The basics of cycle analysis.
183     Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
184     The Forum. An alternative to "time" for measuring cycle flux; Increased
            volcanism leading to mother Little Ice Age.
187     Index to Volume 45
192     Editorial Guidelines

1996 V46_1 August


3     The History of Economic Data.
The history of economic data illustrates the role that time series played
in the evolution of civilization and its various economies. By Richard Mogey.

11     Financial Crises and the Number 56.
Financial crises tend to occur every 56 years in eleven principal
sequences, which account for many of the major crises in western
European and U.S. financial history since 1760. By David McMinn.

18     Outer-solar-system Bodies as a Source of Periodicity in
Earthquakes. Many periods in a previous study of East Coast earthquakes seem to be
caused by planetary bodies outside our solar system. By John P. Bagby.


2        From the Director. Vim From Afar.
10     Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
17     The Bookshelf.
29     The Forum. A twenty-first century view; Payne's hypothesis applied to the
        next Little Ice Age and solar spin rate; Summer outlook for the Corn Belt; The
        cycle of time, part 2.

1996 V46_2 October


35     The Cycles of Politics and Implications For the Future.
Three dominant cycles are influencing this decade and will continue
early into the next century, with a number of implications for the
world's economies. By William Houston.

41     The Long Homeostatic Cycle.
A mathematical reconstruction of time called phase time uses the
quasi-cyclical structure of the stock market to construct specialized
financial instruments. These integral securities remove much of the
variability due to short-term fluctuations in the market. By Christopher

50     Neural Networks: A Risk Management Tool.
Neural network technology makes it possible to perform analyses and
draw conclusions in a primitive imitation of the human brain,
providing investors with a reliable tool for forecasting investment
trends. By Larry Pesavento.

54     George Lindsay's "Three Peaks and the Domed House."
Lindsay discovered a recurring pattern in the stock market that is
typically found at the tops of long, sustained bull markets. By Ernie P.


34     From the Director. . . .
53     Geophysical Data Roundup. Sunspots, solar flux, and lake levels.
58     Cycle View of the Weather. September, October, November.
60     The Forum. The start of solar cycle 23; Second-order triggering of
         earthquakes and volcanoes by natural earth satellites; Jupiter and Uranus: The
         social-power planets?; An early look at the winter of 1996-97.

1996 V46_3 December


67     Heart Waves: The Single Solution to Heart-rate Variability and
Ischemic Preconditioning. The heart wave is the body's master wave that organizes and synchronizes all behavioral waves of the whole organism. By Irving I. Dardik.

79     The Short Homeostatic Cycle.
The short homeostatic cycle in the stock market and its use in the phase
method approach to investing. By Christopher Cagan.

85     Updated Winter Outlook: The East and Midwest
New analog studies suggest the coming winter could be warmer than
previously thought. By Jim Roemer and Michael Speltz.


91     Cycle View of the Weather. December, January, February.,
66     From the Director. . . .
93     The Forum. Sequential affective states; Why is the sunspot cycle 22 years
          long?; Early U.S. winter outlook.


1997 V46_4 October


99     The Sun, the Moon, and the Number 56.
The 56-year cycle of financial crises correlates closely with solar and
lunar cycles. By David McMinn.

105     Invalidation of the "Dardik Postulates."
A more critical and fundamental model of science challenges the major
premises of Dardik's "Heart Waves." By W. James Catallo.

113     Solar and Lunar Cycles Embedded in the El Niņo Periodicities.
Analog projection of lunar, solar, and planetary cycles that influence El
Niņo's can be used to predict future events. Reprinted from Cycles,
March-April 1990. By Rhodes W. Fairbridge.

121     El Niņo Update.
A survey of El Niņo's expected impact on some of the world's primary
growing areas and crops. By Jim Roemer, Craig Solberg, and Michael Speltz.


98        From the Manager...

126     The Forum. Cyclic human heartbeat; Geophysical Forecast Calendar; inertia
            and momentum in natural cycles at all scales.

128     Geophysical Data Roundup



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